Our Program

The Northwestern Ultimate Team (NUT) was founded in 1986.

Coaches (NUT/A-team):

Head Coach Kevin Yngve – Northwestern ’12

Assistant Coach Alex Champe – Northwestern ’15

Assistant Coach Yiding Hou – Northwestern ’15

Coaches (Bolt/B-team):

Head Coach Sahaj Kumar – Northwestern ’16

Assistant Coach Micky Koho – Northwestern ’16

Assistant Coach Kyle McCall – Notre Dame ’14, Northwestern ’16

Guerrilla Coach Kyle Condron – Northwestern ’16

Program Advisor:

Chuck Kindred (Chucktown) – Northwestern ’03

NUT Team Values (2012-2017): IHD

We are a team of friends and brothers that work hard and play hard together. Our team values are borrowed from Revolver out of San Francisco. These values can mean different things to each player at each practice or tournament. These values ground us and allow us to improve every day as players, teammates, and men.

I = Intensity: We play hard at practice, in scrimmages, and at tournaments.
H = Humility: We respect our teammates, our opponents, and the game. We don’t cheat to win, and we don’t put ourselves above the team.
D = Discipline: We show up whether we want to or not. We work out and make sure our bodies are healthy and ready to compete.
Some words from Chucktown (NUT ’03, Coach ’12-’13):
  • Learn how to play the right way and how to be the man you want to be in the world. The winning, the fulfillment of your hopes and dreams: it all comes in time. We can’t control when or where it comes. We can control how we show up and how much we choose to believe in the process. We CAN buy in.